Platz-Max® Standard

Platz-Max Standard - the universal arena leveller

Thorough and sustained maintenance for all riding surfaces:

loosening, mixing, smoothing and tilling in one quick step with the „RS-Platz-Max“.

Platz Max Standard, 1,35 m, Krümler 150 kg
Platz Max Standard, 1,60 m, Krümler 175 kg
Platz Max Standard, 2,20 m, Krümler 240 kg
Platz Max Standard, 2,70 m, Krümler 310 kg
1. Compressions of the surface layer
2. Holes
3. Accumulations of material (including additives)
4. The working depth can be adjusted inch-perfectly - This is important so as not to damage the substructure!
5. The following tines vibrate in the ground: mixing and loosening the surface.
6. Levelling of holes, accumulations, hoof prints, etc.
7. Additional pulverisation, homogenisation and levelling of the loosened surface layer
8. Here: Dividing layer of modern gridded sheeting
9. Sub-assembly
1. The tines are arranged in two staggered rows. It is their task to break up the ground surface of the arena, riding area, etc., which has been hardened and compressed by the activity of horses’ hooves and to thoroughly intermix the surface materials (e.g., sand with textile shreds). As soon as the tractor accelerates, these teeth start to vibrate and act like a „kitchen mixer“.
2. Behind the tines is located the compactor blade that fills up holes and removes any unevenness.
3. The tilling roller performs the third task: It smoothes out the last lumps, spreads, loosens and levels out the ground completely. In addition, it constantly brings the surface back into alignment.
1. To the right and left sides are located side cushion rollers which protect and preserve the side cushions of the riding arena. Thorough and sustained maintenance for
2. Collision buffer of the hoof print rake: maintains a distance and prevents the eventuality of the machine becoming bogged down.
1. Ausgetretener, verdichteter Hufschlag
2. The levelling plate immediately smoothes the ground surface To the left or right side as desired is mounted a hoof print rake similar in appearance to a small plough share which eliminates the necessity for the troublesome and extremely backbreaking job of shovelling free the floor trimming at the edge of the arena by hand.
3. The exterior „bank“ of earth thrown up by the machine is raked back into the indentation of the hoof print
The welded frame is totally stable, indestructible in construction. The only parts subject to wear and tear are the teeth. However, favourablypriced replacements are available. Numerous adjustment and setting elements permit the „RS-Platz-Max“ to be tuned to meet all ground conditions or depths, hard or easy ground, high or flat surfaces.
Skimmer attachment „Skimmers“ can be mounted additionally onto the „RS-Platz-Max“ for the breaking up of severely compressed outdoor areas.