Platz-Max® Multi

We have to say goodbye far too soon to our long-time managing director and devoted boss

Paul Spliethoff

He died on January 30th after a serious illness at the age of only 60.

At the age of 28, Paul Spliethoff joined the commercial management of the company. Together with Paul Rampelmann, he led our company into the present day with creativity and success.

We are very grateful to him for all that he has achieved with his strength and passion.

His life and his human work are our encouragement and mission for the future, which we will retain together in his spirit!

Platz-Max® Multi


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New arena leveller for Gold

The Platz-Max® Multi won the first price at Equitana 2013.

The alternately activity of smooth bar and farmflex roller enabels the maintenance of different surfaces with only one equipment.

Platz-Max® Multi, 2,00 m 491 kg
Platz-Max® Multi, 2,50 m 573 kg