Platz-Max® MAXI

We have to say goodbye far too soon to our long-time managing director and devoted boss

Paul Spliethoff

He died on January 30th after a serious illness at the age of only 60.

At the age of 28, Paul Spliethoff joined the commercial management of the company. Together with Paul Rampelmann, he led our company into the present day with creativity and success.

We are very grateful to him for all that he has achieved with his strength and passion.

His life and his human work are our encouragement and mission for the future, which we will retain together in his spirit!

Platz-Max® MAXI

Platz-Max® MAXI - ideal for problem surfaces!

The Platz-Max® MAXI impresses with its various possibilities. A wide range of accessories can be attached to the frame construction, consisting of a 3-D swivelling mechanism, 2-rows of adjustable fine tines, hydraulically adjustable row of surface breaker, track clearer and belt roller for right and left. The Platz-Max® MAXI is designed in such a way that any roller can be attached, regardless of size or condition. The front row of tools of the arena leveller can be equipped with a rail with tines, a levelling bar, a serrated bar or the broom row, depending on the requirements. The upwardly swivelling track clearer allow the riding surface to be worked over the entire working width.

Platz-Max® MAXI Equipment


  1. The trailing device is standard and prevents the floor from shifting sideways.

  2. The front row of tools can be equipped with a serrated or harrow bar or with a row of brooms, depending on requirements.

  3. The track clearer (right and left) are adjustable and can be swivelled upwards.

  4. The telescopic gang roller adapts to different riding gangs.

  5. Compaction can be easily resolved by a hydraulically adjustable row of hoeing coulters.

  6. The double row of harrow tines is used for loosening and mixing of the riding surface.

  7. The large grid roller is characterized by its smooth running. It is designed for soil-conserving cultivation and a longer service life.

Platz-Max® MAXI Versions

working width 1,80 m 2,20 m 2,50 m 2,70 m
lattice roller
farmflex roller
optional mit:
broom row,
harrow bar,
serrated rail or
pusher blade

Platz-Max® MAXI- all features at a glance