Hippodung-Combimulcher by Platz-Max

Let dung become fertilizer again

We believe grazing land to be the most important aspect in a health horse.

To sustain the precious pastures and to even enhance their quality we developed the Hippodung-Combimulcher by Platz-Max.

With its unique system of mulching grass and horse dung while simultanouesly sprinkling the mulched material with the Weideaktivator we maintain pastures in a labour-saving, costefficient way, while working sustainably and environmentally-friendly.

Let you and your horses be convinced by the possibilities our new system of pasture maintenance has to offer.

Problems with pastureland

  • too small and therefore „overgrazed“ fields
  • parasites
  • weed-growth and increase of rank patches
  • high effort regarding manpower and machine power for pasture maintenance
  • use of expensive artificial fertilizer and pesticides which are critical for the environment; reseeding with often exotic grass

The solution: Hippodung-Combimulcher

  • substitutes the removal of horse droppings
  • saves time mulching grass and horse dung while simultanouesly sprinkling the mulched material with a natural composting promoter
  • promotes the eco-friendly composting of green cuttings and horse droppings to natural fertilizer
  • produces a healthy soil biology which results in a resistant and fast-growing turf, replaces weeds and leads to high-quality forage
  • no parasites and putrefaction through composting

Comparison of techniques of pasture maintenance

  Harrowing/Mulching Removal of droppings Combimulcher
Putrefaction/anaerobic digestion yes minimal no
Natural fertilization yes, but with putrefaction minimal yes
Compostiong minimal no yes
Developing of rank patches yes no no
Quality of pasture      
Water apsorption      
Reseeding/artificial fertilizer yes yes no
Work effort little high little
Costs average high low


  1. Mulcher (MU-C 140)
  2. Standard tank (150 l)
  3. Fresh water tank
  4. Tank level indicator
  5. Manometer
  6. Row of nozzles
  7. 3-point mounting device
  8. Drive shaft
  9. Piston diaphragm pump